Information and supporting documents to open a bank account in Greece

1.      Full name and father’s name

2.      Identity card or passport number

3.      Issuing authority

4.      Date and place of birth

-. EU Member States’ Identity Card

-. Valid passport

-. Law Enforcement and Armed Forces personnel identity card

-. Special document of Asylum seekers or International Protection Applicant Card issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Migration and Asylum for citizens who do not possess a passport of any other travel document.

5.      Customer income

6.      VAT Registration Number

-. Last updated income tax slip (for natural persons)

-. Income tax return (for legal persons/ entities), including submission receipt and tax payment note (for legal persons and trading professionals)

-. Certificate on no requirement to submit a tax return (when either of the above two documents is not available)

-. Any other document proving your income (e.g. employer’s certificate stating the total annual income or official Bank’s financial statement – for residents outside Greece)

-. A document issued by a Tax Authority, where VAT registration number is stated.

7.      Current home address

8.      Telephone number

-. Recent utility bill (energy, telecommunications, water supply, etc.)

-. Last updated income tax slip (for the current home address)

-. Home or business premises lease contract, filed to a tax office.

9.      Profession and current business address -. Recent employer’s certificate

-. Copy of latest salary statement

-. Valid Professional Identity Card

-. Social Insurance Institution Card