Increase in the minimum value of property required for Greek Golden Visa, applicable in specific areas

According to article 91 of Law no 4007/2022, in specific areas the minimum value of the property that must be acquired to grant eligibility for Greek Golden Visa (permanent residence permit for investors) increased to 500.000,00 euros and investors shall have to invest only in one (1) property to reach said threshold of 500.000,00 euros. The areas affected by the new legal provisions are the following: the Central Athens Regional Unit, the South Athens Regional Unit, the North Athens Regional Unit, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. It also applies to the total agreed price of contracts for the lease of hotel accommodation or furnished tourist residences in these areas, which must be paid in full before applying for a Golden Visa. In all other areas, where the threshold remains 250.000,00 euros, the investors shall still have the option to invest in multiple properties, to reach the minimum of 250.000,00 euros.